The iPhone X is an amazing device but it comes with some design and functionality changes that might leave some users confused. For instance, there is no physical home button like on older iPhone models. This might make you wonder how do you take screenshots on the iPhone X.

On previous iPhone models, you would press the home and power buttons to take screenshots. Since the iPhone X doesn’t have a home button, it’s obvious this shortcut can’t be used anymore.

How to take screenshots on the iPhone X

Luckily, it’s exceptionally easy to take screenshots on the iPhone X, plus iOS 11 allows you to use various color tools to mark up your screenshots before sharing them.

For the iPhone X, taking a screenshot requires you to press down the power button on the side and the volume up button at the same time. The screen will flash and a shutter sound will be played to show the screenshot has been taken. Make sure you release them once the screenshot is taken, otherwise your device will enter emergency mode.

If you’ve never taken a screenshot on your iPhone X yet, you might be wondering if the notch also appears in the captured images. The answer is no, it doesn’t.

After the screenshot is taken, you have a few seconds to swipe it left and dismiss it. If you don’t, it will be automatically be saved to the camera roll.

Once you give it a try and save some screenshots you can use all of iOS 11 annotation and editing tools. Simply tap on the small thumbnail that’s displayed in the lower-left corner after taking a screenshot. Then, you can annotate it using various writing tools, crop it, add a signature, as well as shapes such as bubbles, arrows, and so on. You can also open the screenshot from the Photos app to access these features.

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